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Relay is now Allset, an all-in-one platform for service businesses. Allset is a software company helping service businesses win more customers and retain employees through simple online booking, instant payments and automated messaging.

Allset is positioned to do this through a free business model with no upfront pricing for small business owners. Combined with a mobile first, user interface for the deskless workforce Allset is able to provide the tools home service businesses need to solve their most pressing issues.

"Service businesses are in need of beautiful, simple tools they can use to be successful while on the go. We built an elegant solution to help field service professionals book more appointments, increase tips and message customers in a consistent way. We’re proud of service businesses who are the real heroes of our story. We are committed to serving them with tools they love as part of their continued success.” Justin Clegg Allset Founder and CEO

There are 5 million businesses in North America in need of better tools across online booking, communications and payments ($800 billion market)
  •  80% of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk to do their jobs
  • 75% of deskless workers spend most of their time at work using technology
  • 70% of deskless workers surveyed that more technology would help them do their jobs better
  • Deskless workers feel they would benefit most from additional technology include communications, operations & logistics, onboarding and training
  • 60% of deskless workers are unsatisfied with, or believe there is room for improvement in the technology they’re provided to do their work
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In addition to the need for an industry agnostic, all-in-one platform to keep businesses running efficiently, Allset is providing instant payments and a tip collection solution that increases take-home-pay for employees which helps with retention rates and when promoted properly assists in the hiring process.

"We’ve spent countless hours talking with home service businesses about the challenges they face and the same problems keep resurfacing. Companies are struggling to hire and retain employees, find a tool that’s modern, easy to use and that increases revenue. Allset has innovative and simple answers for each of those problems.”

According to *Emergence, deskless workers are increasingly reliant on technology to do their jobs and they want great software too. For an industry in need of a fresh approach Allset’s online booking, instant payments, and automated messaging are the solutions home service businesses need.

Join Allset at demo day with Pear VC this Fall and see the new brand at For those who had the Relay app or followed Relay’s social channels those have changed to Allset. You can contact Allset at

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